Guy Thouvenin is obsessed with detail, that small detail that only he can see, catch, discover – and he wants us to see this detail, which takes on a whole new meaning with a « click » and becomes a Work of Art.

Passers-by look at him curiously. He doesn’t photograph a historical façade, nor a breathtaking landscape… He fixes, with his lens, a small piece of dried leaf brought by the wind and stuck behind a corner of a door… Why? Guy can’t say, it’s just this set, these shapes, that touch him
and that he does not want to let disappear forever.

Guy can spend hours in front of a small object, a small nothing, looking at it, observing it, studying its change over the hours; he can come back day after day to study the light that pours onto this small thing he has discovered to finally capture this unique and ephemeral moment that only he has been able to catch and fix forever on his film.

There is no shortage of themes that he has been able to explore. We were particularly touched by the theme « Walls » – they whisper to us, tell us their testimony of a life, lives, the passage of time,
the end of time without end…